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Ohma microphones colorful
ohma microphones colorful

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Ohma World

Ohma condenser and ribbon microphones are designed and hand-assembled with beauty and sound in mind. Each mic is meticulously tuned and hand-painted to deliver a distinct look and truly original sound. Ohma swappable mic screens allow you to instantly change the sound of your mic β€” offering full creative expression. Don't just get a microphone; craft your own sonic experience.

In an Ohma World...

Shape your sound

Our swappable mic screens offer a variety of sonic worlds β€” beauty and sound in one.

All good vibes

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Sound amazing,
look amazing

Express yourself through the spectrum of colors in our Create Your Ohma microphone customizer.

Handcrafted in
Los Angeles

We delicately tune each Ohma microphone from our condenser capsule the Debby β€” our original design β€” to the ribbons in our ribbon mics.

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