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Recording Mag reviews Ohma Ribbon Mic

Written by: Char Gibbs



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Not one but *two* ribbon mic reviews!

We are incredibly honored to grace the cover of Recording Magazine's May 2024 issue, dedicated to Recording Vocals. We were fortunate to receive not one, but TWO reviews of our ribbon microphone, one from David Blascoe and another from Paul Vnuk Jr., a long-time veteran reviewer for Recording Magazine. We've been reading Recording Mag for years and years and regard them as one of the top publications for recording enthusiasts, so to have our microphone featured on their cover and have two reviews is a dream come true.

Check out the reviews here.

Special thanks to Moorea Masa! This cover image was captured during their Ohma performance video.

Ohma Review in Recording Magazine - May 2024
Click any image above for the high-res PDF.

Our favorite excerpts

"Color and customization aside, the Ohma Ribbon sounds excellent. This is a professional, phantom-powered ribbon mic of the utmost quality in build and sound."

"If you’re looking for that extra dose of visual and aural inspiration in your recording endeavors, the Ohma World aesthetic is a breath of fresh air."

David Blascoe

"The Ohma Ribbon, despite its “colorful” visual nature, is a professional studio ribbon mic that more than holds its own with the classic heavy hitters mentioned above. It sounds THAT good."

"The Ohma Ribbon mic will be an excellent addition to any mic locker, adding a classic inspired ribbon flavor that manages to add its own voice to the mix."

Paul Vnuk Jr.