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Ohma World

Founded in East Los Angeles, Ohma World is a bespoke audio and design brand established by friends who share a common mission: to provide means for creative expression that are as unique as the stories we tell.

Our mission

We aim to foster a supportive and inclusive space where individuals can explore their creative voices and express themselves through sound and style. That is why, at Ohma World, we believe in diversity and inclusion — in both our products and company culture. Technology should never be a barrier to creative expression; creativity should always find its way regardless of circumstances or limitations.

Ohma world workshop in East Los Angeles

Our team

Ohma World is an LGBTQ-owned company that reflects the diversity of its founders and team members: we are majority owned by a non-binary person of color, with additional contributions from queer and genderqueer founders and staff. We strive to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and respected regardless of who they are or where they come from. By embracing this kind of inclusive ethos, we hope to cultivate an atmosphere that celebrates individuality, promotes collaboration, encourages learning, and fosters growth.

Our core founders have been working together for over a decade, unifying creativity and technology with music and sound. As professional musicians and audio engineers, we are constantly striving for new ways to share our passion. Our objective is not only to build exceptional tools but it's also to create a platform where people can explore, share and celebrate the beauty of sound. We believe in making music accessible and fun, and our instruments are designed with this same spirit of collaboration in mind. We want our microphones to empower each individual to express themselves more freely — blurring the lines between artistry and technology to create something truly special.

Up cycled jewelry

Our manufacturing methods blend the traditional with the innovative to create upcycled jewelry from our leftover microphone production parts. We seek to inspire curiosity and adventure in all of us, while never sacrificing a commitment to reduce waste.

Creating beauty together

With sound engineers and musicians at the helm of our vision, we strive to design beautiful products that inspire exploration and playfulness in music-making. We believe curiosity, originality, and fun should be the driving forces behind our audio product design. Together, we are building a world where we can express ourselves freely and find beauty in the creative process.

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