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We make our own capsules!

Written by: Sammy Rothman



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Yeah, you heard that right. We make our own condenser capsules.

At Ohma World, our condenser microphones stand out due to a crucial aspect: we manufacture our own condenser capsules. Surprisingly, this is not a common practice among microphone companies. Only a handful of manufacturers worldwide produce their capsules, and we proudly count ourselves among them. What sets us apart even further is that we are one of the few in the USA that both tension and tune our capsules in-house.

But our distinctiveness doesn't end there. We take pride in creating a brand new and original capsule known as “Debby.” This remarkable capsule draws inspiration from an article penned by vintage microphone designers Debenham, Robinson, and Stebbings many years ago. After extensive experimentation and modifications, we have developed a breathtakingly beautiful sounding capsule that bears our unique sonic signature.

ohma world condenser microphone tuning jigs
Ohma world condenser microphone tooling jig

Embracing the echoes of the past

Our capsule design is the result of years of careful listening, particularly to various instruments and vocals. We aimed to produce a capsule with an original sound that also possesses the timeless quality reminiscent of microphones from the 1960s. To achieve this, we meticulously craft our capsules using traditional methods, adhering to the old-school approach.

What sets us even further apart from other microphone manufacturers is our commitment to tuning our capsules to specific frequencies and ensuring consistency through careful gluing of our aluminum membranes. The Debby capsule, with its 32mm edge terminated design, stands as a testament to this dedication. It features a low tuning and higher capacitance, delivering a smooth top end and an extended rich low end.

Ohma world condenser capsule plates
Making an ohma world condenser capsule from scratch

Crafting soundscapes

Unlike many edge terminated designs, our single backplate Debby condenser capsule does not possess a center chamber. This design choice eliminates any harshness or sibilance, resulting in a beautifully smooth top end. It truly excels in capturing vocals, thanks to its detailed and refined high-frequency response. Additionally, it performs exceptionally well on instruments such as kick drums and electric bass, where its massive low end shines through.

When used as drum overheads, the Debby capsule captures cymbals with remarkable smoothness, the midrange of the snare with delightful sweetness, and effortlessly reproduces the low-end thump of the kick drum.

Ohma world motif microphone on bass drum / kick drum
Ohma world holes microphone on bass amp

A unique blend of vintage and modern excellence

The Debby capsule stands proudly as a truly unique creation, capable of rivaling vintage microphones while seamlessly fitting into any microphone collection. Regardless of what you choose to record, we believe you will find our Debby capsule in the Ohma Condenser to be truly exceptional and special.