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Scales Microphone

$699.00 USD

This ready-made microphone is in stock and waiting to be shipped straight to your door.

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Scales presents a brighter, crisp sound perfect for pop music and instruments needing to cut through a dense mix. With its balance and tempered low end, Scales is a great choice for recording instruments from up-close.

  • Bright, crisp sound
  • Cuts nicely through a mix
  • Shimmers on guitars, vocals and other sources
  • Great choice for up-close recording

The Ohma Condenser features our signature, handmade capsule (“The Debby”) and a vintage Cinemag transformer for extra character. It has a cardioid pattern and edge-terminated construction designed to provide a timeless sound with an extended frequency response - striking a perfect balance of classic color and musical detail. 

The Ohma Ribbon combines classic figure-of-8 ribbon mic characteristics with added detail and definition, providing smooth, and forgiving transients that complement any source. It features a custom Lehle transformer and an active circuit requiring +48v phantom power that allows for more clarity in your sound and is compatible with all types of recording setups.

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Create your own personalized Ohma microphone with our easy-to-use customizer.


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