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Bartees Strange "Hennessy"

Written by: Charlene Gibbs



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Bartees Strange's voice serenades us in a haunting yet alluring way as he croons his poignant song Hennessy. Bartees requested Motif screens in brass and a Crown Royale-inspired purple for the body, a custom-mixed color we have christened "Strange Purple". This work of art captures the emotion and atmosphere of Strange's performance, drawing viewers closer and closer.

This one-of-a-kind Ohma microphone speaks volumes about our commitment to providing individuals with customizable options that truly fit their needs and we believe Bartees Strange’s story highlights that perfectly. Explore your own creative potential through our microphone customizer and create something truly unique. 

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Guitar Amp

  • Strange Purple Stripes Condenser
  • Custom Purple Body, Brass Screens, White Fabric

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About Bartees

Bartees Strange is a multifaceted artist whose work spans across genres and disciplines. From his critically acclaimed albums Live Forever and Farm to Table, he has established himself as one of the most influential voices in today's indie music scene. What makes Strange truly unique, however, is his role as both a singer-songwriter and an engineer/producer. His experience behind the mic allows him to create dynamic musical experiences that are both technically intricate yet powerfully emotive. From his creative vision to his signature sound, Bartees Strange continues to be a pioneer in music-making innovation. 

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