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Alchemizing strange purple for Bartees Strange

Written by: Sammy Rothman



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When Bartees Strange approached us with the colors he wanted for his custom Ohma microphone, we were all ears. Purple and gold? Being from Los Angeles, purple and gold have a pretty strong basketball related connotation. For Bartees though, it was all about the classic Crown Royal bag. Crown Royal fabric bags have covered ribbon mics in many legendary studios for decades. We were excited to take on this special project of combining heritage with our own unique microphones.

Mixing and baking for lasting colors

This deep shade of Royale purple is a color combination that our ceramic paint supplier does not offer! So we had to create something new by carefully mixing different colors together until we found the perfect shade. It was a long process of trial and error, but eventually we nailed it—we called this new color Strange Purple.

Our paint is carefully chosen for its durability, thinness and vibrant colors. Baking each mic in an oven for two hours before painting ensures that the finish will last, while still allowing the intricate details of the metal to be seen and felt. We love that each custom Ohma mic is unique in its own right — thanks to us, Bartees's was no exception!

Sammy painting an ohma mic

Strange Purple Motif Brass Microphone

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Limited-Time Color

This microphone will be available for purchase from Tuesday 5/16/23 to Friday 6/16/23 | 12 AM PST.

Alchemizing your vision

We're proud of our alchemist skills, and we look forward to taking on more custom paint requests from other artists. Let us know what color you'd like for your next mic! We've got the paint to make it happen.

Instead of designing your sound around a microphone, what if the microphone designed its sound around you?

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