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Which Ohma screen should I choose?

Written by: Char Gibbs



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Ohma Screens are 100% a choice of personal taste — both visually and sonically.

We first started by making an incredible sounding ribbon transducer and condenser capsule and then we specifically designed each screen to shift that sound in different directions. Essentially, what the screens do is just is just change how the mic naturally "hears". Some screens are more dramatic and some are more subtle so it's all just personal preference and is a fun way to try out new sounds and ideas.

Here is a general guide, based on our experience, to help you get started.


  • Solid, warm, and round sound.
  • Well-balanced between the lows, mids, and highs.
  • Distinct yet forgiving.

Motif is our flagship screen set and is designed to create a well-rounded, textured sound that is easy on the ears. It has a solid, full-bodied tone that is well balanced between the lows, mids, and highs. This screen sounds "finished" right out of the box and stacks well in a mix; it is transient and versatile, ready for whatever you throw at it.

Motif Screen


  • The go-to screen for exciting midrange recordings.
  • Great for electric guitar and amped sources.
  • "Up-front" recognizable tone.
  • Great choice for polishing percussive sounds.

Perfect for picking up mid-range tones, electric guitar comes to life with Stripes. It has a very "up-front" sound that will be instantly recognizable to your audience. The transients are also very "snappy," making this mic a great choice for percussive playing and sounds.


  • Neutral screen delivering the sonic essence of the Ohma Debby capsule and Ohma Ribbon.
  • Natural, open sound.
  • Plush and smooth low-end.

Get the full, candid sonic essence of the Ohma Debby capsule or Ohma Ribbon. These building blocks can be easily sculpted to your liking. The low-end is plush and smooth, like a newly paved road, and the high-end is naturally open, making these a great choice for those looking for microphones that have a natural, open sound.


  • Bright, crisp sound; great for utility purposes.
  • Cuts nicely through a mix.
  • Shimmers on guitars and vocals and other sources.
  • Great choice for near-field recording.

Scales is a go-to with its bright, crisp sound and tamed low end. Any source will be able to cut through a mix with ease. It has "dynamic mic" vibes with less brittleness and more low-end, making it a great choice for near-field recording.


  • Designed to reduce low frequencies and add clarity to the highs.
  • Smooth sound with defined transients.
  • Natural roll-off mitigates proximity effect and tilts sound to a brighter range.

Articulate response with gentle lows and a smooth top-end. It has a natural roll-off in the low end that lends itself well to a clear and brighter sound. It's an overall "chill hang" of a screen.

Choosing the right Ohma Screens for your microphone is all about personal preference. You may prefer to use a single-screen set for all of your sources or pick and choose different sets for different recordings. Depending on what sound you're going for, each screen will shape the sound of your Ohma microphone in a unique way.

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