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Hear Ohma microphones in our Listening Library

Written by: Charlene Gibbs



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Introducing the Ohma World Listening Library

Ready to hear the Ohma difference in action? Dive into our dynamic Ohma World Microphone Listening Library. Discover the distinct performance of every Ohma microphone screen on various musical instruments, from vocals and drums to electric guitar, trumpet, and beyond. Except for a hint of reverb applied to the vocals, we did not process our audio samples in any manner.

Vocals and Ohma Microphones

Your voice is the most distinctive instrument, and it deserves a microphone that captures its unique qualities. Our Vocals Listening Library contains a variety of  demonstrations that highlight the exceptional clarity, warmth, and depth that Ohma microphones bring to vocal recordings.

Guitar and Ohma Microphones

Capturing the diverse range of tones and sonic characteristics that an electric guitar can produce is no small feat — but it's one that Ohma microphones are more than up to. Our Guitar Listening Library features various playing styles on electric guitar and rubber bridge acoustic-electric guitar.

Electric Bass and Ohma Microphones

Whether you're laying down a thumping baseline or a smooth, melodic groove, Ohma microphones accurately capture the electric bass's distinct sound. Our Bass Listening Library features Hofner and Guild bass demonstrations.

Strings and Ohma Microphones

Ohma microphones are crafted to reveal the depth and beauty of string instruments, from the resonant low frequencies of a double bass to the sweet, high pitches of a violin. Our Strings Listening Library features viola and double bass performances recorded with Ohma microphones.

Drums and Ohma Microphones

Drums, the heart of any musical composition, require a microphone that can capture the power of each strike and the subtlety of every beat. Visit our Drum Listening Library and hear the superb quality of drum recordings made with Ohma microphones.

More Ohma Videos

Ready to deepen your Ohma experience? Don't miss out on our exclusive live performance series featuring our favorite artists.