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We're thrilled to share our latest achievement — a featured spot on the cover of this month's MusicTech magazine! This special recognition fills us with pride, made even more meaningful by an unexpected connection to the article's author, William Stokes. A few years ago, their bandmate had a hands-on experience with our signature ribbon microphone model, adding a personal touch to this honor.

The MusicTech feature explores the core of our brand — our unique microphone technology. It delves into our design philosophy and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each microphone. As per our ethos, our microphones aren't merely tools, they're a testament to our unwavering dedication to superior sound.

Ohma World Microphones
Image: Simon Vinall for MusicTech

A notable highlight of the article is the celebration of our proprietary capsule design, 'The Debby.' Famed for its unique, innovative features, 'The Debby' promises to deliver smoother, less sharp sound responses. Its in-house production is recognized as a remarkable achievement in the industry.

Image: Simon Vinall for MusicTech

Our Commitment: Making Quality Sound Accessible to All

The article also applauds our commitment to affordable and accessible sound technology. It recounts the early struggles when we had only one microphone for all our recordings. These challenges ultimately inspired us to create our versatile, adjustable range of microphones.

The feature lauds our commitment to inclusivity and self-expression, manifested in our customizable, colorfully vibrant microphones. Our belief is simple — our customers should freely express their values through their microphone. As a proud LGBT-owned company, we continue to champion diversity and inclusivity through our products.

Seeing our microphones in the hands of artists like Janelle Monae at LA's Pride Parade and providing a voice for queer artists fills us with immense joy. We see ourselves as more than just a microphone company. We're creating a recording culture that values every individual's freedom to express themselves.

Image: Simon Vinall for MusicTech

Our MusicTech magazine feature is a significant milestone — a testament to our innovation, hard work, and commitment to inclusivity. As we look to the future, we're eager to continue our journey at the crossroads of technology, music, and self-expression.

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