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Pride Flag Nest Earrings Set

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"Our earrings are gay! Show your Pride with our special edition earring set of three pairs (what a deal!) handmade from stainless steel pieces recycled from our Motif microphone screen. All pieces are meticulously painted with high-quality ceramic by a real live human. Whether you wear them to festivities or to work, you can make Pride last all year.

(Like these? Check them out in stainless steel.)

Each piece is hand-designed and painted by a human being, so please allow for variability between products and what you see in photos."

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About Ohma Jewelry

At Ohma World, we champion the idea that fashion and sound co-exist in perfect harmony. Our upcycled jewelry is crafted from brass, stainless steel, and aluminum metal cutouts from our microphone manufacturing process. An Ohma World jewelry piece is not only beautiful to look at — it's also a reminder of how a piece of history can be transformed into something new when given the chance. Whether you already own an Ohma microphone or are considering taking the plunge, you can rest assured knowing your purchase is helping a sustainable cause.