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About Ohma

Ohma World is an LGBTQ-owned company that embraces diversity. Our founders include a non-binary person of color and queer and genderqueer individuals. We aim to create an inclusive space where everyone feels respected and welcomed, regardless of their background. By fostering collaboration, promoting learning, and celebrating individuality, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere that encourages growth. With decades of collective experience in the audio manufacturing industry and a passion for music and sound, our core founders combine creativity, technology, and expertise. We aim to build exceptional tools and create a platform where people can explore and share the beauty of sound. Learn more about Ohma World in this MusicTech feature.

Our Mission

We aim to foster a supportive and inclusive space where individuals can explore their creative voices and express themselves through sound and style. That is why, at Ohma World, we believe in diversity and inclusion in both our products and company culture. Technology should never be a barrier to creative expression; creativity should always find its way regardless of circumstances or limitations.

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