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Wait, you want *me* to open my microphone???

Yes, because opening your Ohma microphone is actually really chill (and somehow oddly satisfying?). It takes just a few seconds.

How to open your Ohma mic

With the included guitar pick, it's easy to change out the screens. Any thick gauge guitar pick will pluck those suckers out. Also, seeing the screens click into place is oddly satisfying.

Make sure the volume on your speakers or headphones is turned off.

Insert your pick between the notch where the screen meets the body. Angle the pick so it sits beneath the screen. And just pull up from under the screen using the pick to leverage it out.

Respect the guts

Once the screen is removed, be careful. Your ribbon and your capsule are protected by precision mesh, but they’re more sensitive to air gusts and dirt without the screens protecting them. Treat your microphone like you’d treat a camera when swapping lenses or a phone without a protective case. It’s best to avoid touching the capsule and ribbon.

Now grab another set of screens and place them one by one back into the mic. The magnets of the body will automatically grab the screen and pull it into place. Make sure that the screen is oriented in the correct direction– you don’t want to have it angled sideways because otherwise, the magnets inside of the ribbon transducer could pull your screen directly into the ribbon causing damage.

If you still don’t have an Ohma microphone, or an extra set of screens, we suggest you get on that. Pluck away!