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Freedom of Expression with Ohma Microphones

There are many microphones on the market, but Ohma World stands out as one of the most unique and versatile. Our microphones are designed to be modular and eco-friendly and believe that curiosity, playfulness, sustainability, and originality should be leading forces in audio product design.


A Mission to Inspire the Artist Within

An Ohma microphone gives you the freedom to express yourself however you wish—switching between styles and sounds as often as you please. We believe that your microphone is an extension of you, and we're passionate about creating products that allow people to express themselves in new and unique ways.

Our mission is to create microphones that not only capture moments, but also inspire the artist within. Art should be honored and respected, and we see our microphones as an extension of the artist. We strive to create products that will not just capture moments, but also inspire them.


Adaptable & Eco-Friendly Design

Our modular design means that you can easily customize and upgrade your microphone as needed. And our eco-friendly materials mean you're not just creating art—you're also doing your part to make a positive impact on the environment!


Find Your Microphone & Trust the Journey Ahead

Let Ohma microphones bring out your true creative potential. Create art with intention and expression, no matter what phase you're in.

We understand how important it is for artists to have access to tools that can adapt with their sound and style as they progress in their career. Find the microphone that fits where you are today and trust it will be there for each journey ahead. No matter where you are in your creative path, Ohma microphones will be there with you.