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During our early prototyping phase, we went to a maker space to laser cut screen ideas out of wood and acrylic. Eventually, we had tons and tons of leftover cutouts that ended up all over the place. (To this day, they lurk around the house with their pals, immortal confetti.)

Jaylene Chung, our brilliant friend, earring connoisseur, and collaborator, suggested, "Instead of throwing these pieces away, what if we up-cycle them into something new and wearable - like jewelry?" This was a total eureka moment; a pivot that has taken us in extraordinary and creative directions we couldn't have foreseen. (Thanks, Jaylene!)

Every part of the buffalo mozzarella

After ordering our first production run in stainless steel and brass, we learned that our metal-cutting partners were going to throw away all the scraps. We asked if they could send us the leftovers instead, and thankfully, they agreed!

That's how we ended up hand-sorting 62kg of tiny metal cutouts from all our microphone screens. But it was worth it! Now we have a wonderful time figuring out creative combinations for earring and pendant designs. In many ways, jewelry production has given us the opportunity to redefine our relationship between play and technical development.  

Bling it on (...sorry)

Here's the best part – you can wear Ohma jewelry to match your Ohma mic! We're finally living in a world where your jewelry can accessorize your microphone – and your microphone can accessorize you! We love a good co-ord, so having jewelry to match our microphones is peak style prowess.

Sounding out shapes

We've come full circle in our journey of making Ohma products – from screens to jewelry and back again. Now, every prototype microphone screen is designed to use its cutouts for jewelry. And because each pattern of shapes has to sound good, we've also racked up compelling criteria that guide both aesthetic and sonic aspects of our screen development. 

A sustainable, fashionable solution

So that's how Ohma's jewelry collection was born. We knew there were others who felt the same way about sustainability. With this in mind, we designed a solution that would be fashionable, unique, and allow people to wear their values – and a piece of their microphone.